Company Name GLADEE INC.
Address 4-4-1 Taishido Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan
Established November 22.1991
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Sales 170,000,000 yen(Fiscal year 2012)
CEO Kazuma Sazawa
History Founded in November 1991 in Setagaya-ku Tokyo.
We first started out manufacturing original pottery,
then moved on to manufacture sewn products like today, from 1992.
We now design and manufacture sewn products like stuffed toys,
pouches and bags, and many other unique items.
Our organization embarked on a business for US markets in 2013.
Company Policy To create products which stir one's emotions.
To create products which enriches one's mind.
To always make products that will touch one's heart.
Origin Of The Name "GLADEE" is a word we made which comes from "GLAD" and "ii"
(sounds like "ee", which means "good" in Japanese).
"GLADEE " is a registrated trademark of GLADEE, INC.

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