September 27,2013 <Update> New Color「Paint Tube Pencil Case」 →More Information.
September 9,2013 <Update> New Item「Drawstring Bag Set」 →More Information.
July 26,2013 <Update> New Item「New Chewing Gum Pouch Cool Mint」 →More Information.
June 18,2013 <Update> New Item
「Good Condition Cooler Pack Cooler Bag
 Good Condition Cooler Pack Bottole Holder
 Market Bag」
→More Information.
・Cooler Bag
・Bottle Holder
・Market Bag
May 17,2013 <Update> New Item
「Kyorokyoro Peanuts Series
 Smooth Sleeve Series」
→More Information.
・Kyorokyoro Peanuts
・Smooth Sleeve
April 5,2013 <Update> New Item「Nursing Cover」 →More Information.
March 19,2013 <Update> New Item「Round Container Set」 →More Information.
February 22,2013 <Update> New Item
「Paint Tube Season Ticket Holder
 Large Gauze Handkerchief Lemonade」
→More Information.
・Paint Tube Season Ticket Holder
・Large Gauze Handkerchief
January 11,2013 <Update> New Item
「Fluffy Cat Pouch
 Stripe Animal Bag」
→More Information.
・Fluffy Cat Pouch
・Stripe Animal Bag
December 07,2012 <Update> New Item
「Polyester Toaster Series
 Polyester Chocolate&Cacao Series
 Cotton Game Pouch
 Cake Mix Cotton Pouch
 Roast Peanuts Cotton Pen Case
 Kids Bite Cotton Pen Case
 Large Gauze Handkerchief」
→More Information.
・Polyester Toaster Series
・Polyester Chocolate&Cacao Series
・Cotton Game Pouch
・Cake Mix Cotton Pouch
・Roast Peanuts Cotton Pen Case
・Kids Bite Cotton Pen Case
・Large Gauze Handkerchief」
November 09,2012 <Update> New Item
「Kyorokyoro Animal Series Pug
 Kyorokyoro Animal Season Ticket Holder
 Kyorokyoro Animal Slim Pen Case」
→More Information.
・Kyorokyoro Animal Series Pug
・Kyorokyoro Animal
 Season Ticket Holder

・Kyorokyoro Animal Slim Pen Case
October 18,2012 <Update> New Item「Lemonade Mug and Cacao Mug」 →More Information.
October 05,2012 <Update> New Item
「Polyester Peanuts Series
 Polyester Traffic Jam Series」
→More Information.
・Peanuts Series
・Traffic Jam Series
September 25,2012 <Update> New Item
「Toaster Phone Holder
 Sundae Cone Ice Dog Pen Pouch
 NEW Chewing Gum Pouch」
→More Information.
・Toaster Phone Holder
・Sundae Cone Ice Dog Pen Pouch
・NEW Chewing Gum Pouch
August 10,2012 <Information> Our exhibition page opened!
August 10,2012 <Update> New Item「Polyester School Bus Series」 →More Information.
August 10,2012 <Update> New Item「Polyester Lemonade Series」 →More Information.
July 26,2012 <Update> New Item「Lunch Cooler Bag School Bus」 →More Information.
July 19,2012 <Update> New Item「Iced Tea Pot」 →More Information.
July 18,2012 <Information> Our exhibition will be open! →More Information.
July 05,2012 <Update> New Item「Drawing Glass」 →More Information.
June 19,2012 <Update> New Item「Lunch Cooler Bag」 →More Information.
June 06,2012 <Update> New Item「Paint Tube Pen Case」 →More Information.
May 15,2012 <Update> Gladee official homepage was renewed! →Click here for top page.

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