Mesh Tote Bag / Apple

Mesh Tote Bag / Apple

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A mesh bag that is as kitsch and cheap as possible without being pretentious. It seems to be popular for children, but it is actually a mesh bag made for adults to use cutely. The handle is made slightly shorter. It's a must-have item in the summer, but it seems to come in handy throughout the year. Since it can be folded into a small size, it can also be used as an eco bag when shopping at convenience stores. We would like to introduce some happy words from our customers. "Vegetables that hesitate to put in my bag and cold bottles with water drops can be put in without hesitation." (Housewife in her 30s, Tokyo) Thank you so much!

Dimensions : 330 x 300 x 100mm
Material : Polyester

* May small dots on the label. Because it is hand-printed.